WBORA, a non-profit group, was founded in 1967 by a group of sailors to promote and sponsor sailboat ocean racing in the vicinity of Wrightsville Beach. WBORA sponsored cruising events and races to Beaufort, Cape Lookout, and around Frying Pan Shoals to the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

WBORA followed the rules of US Sailing, the official sailboat racing governing body. We had 25-30 sailboats at our peak and frequent social events including raft-ups on our buoy in Banks Channel. We also hosted events and seminars that covered sailing skills, race schedule development, race management, and safety at sea. Our members came from Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all of Southeastern North Carolina.

The severe financial collapse and prolonged recession caused WBORA to go into hibernation. Now, a steering committee consisting of Mike Hession, Murray Seidel, and Bill Fuller Sr. is reactivating WBORA. Currently we are planning on hosting 1-2 seasons of cruising events, socials, and raft-ups. As the organization grows again, we will add racing to our events if there is enough demand.

In the past many boats in the North Carolina had difficulty finding crew. WBORA will change that by providing opportunity for anyone who wants to crew, or even learn to sail, to match up with skippers who need crew. See our crew board for further details.